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1515 Mason St. Rag by Irving Orne
Ragtime's all the rage,
Ragtime's all the craze
The heavy ragtime syncopation,
Spreading across the nation
Played in great dance halls,
Scott Joplin started it all
88 keys is a ragtime rhythm,
That's what I call heaven
An upright piano in the dance hall,
And Scott Joplin started it all.
Sunday, February 20, Dr. Carol Williams, pipe organist
"Somewhere in time" (radio show WMUZ FM) program guest

Sugarpipes call
    The Trumpets tall
Dr. Spoonful dressed
    In black
Honey hat yellow
    Sounds wall to wall
Precise, learned lessons
    Gifted knack
And, what we love
    Of best you wear
Is all that ivory
    Your fingertips aware
Steven Duane Hutsell, Spreckels Organ Pavilion, January 2005

Happy Birthday to you
Virgil Fox rescued you by playing a concert on you in 1973
You were gasping for breath
That concert moved people to save your life
Carol Williams has given her life to restore you to
the fullness of life
Carol has made you world famous
You sound fantastic at age 90
Thank you, AUSTIN, for spending your life making us happy
Happy New Year to you and Carol
Hip, Hip, Hooray
Father Bill Gorman, Spreckels Organ 90th Birthday Party, January 1, 2005


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Dr. Carol Williams
International Concert Organist
San Diego Civic Concert Organist
Artistic Director of the Spreckels Organ Society