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Carol Williams
D.M.A., ARAM, Dip Ram, AD (Yale), FRCO, FTCL, ARCM, San Diego Civic Organist Emerita

"I want to bring the pipe organ to new audiences and, with my performances, make people feel good."
    British born Carol was a child prodigy nurtured in a Welsh musical family. She began private lessons at age five and could read music before English.  Carol began performing organ recitals throughout the UK, chauffeured by her father at age eight.
    Dr. Williams’s formal training started with five years at the Royal Academy of Music where she specialized in organ performing as a student of David Sanger and obtained the Academy's prestigious Recital Diploma together with an LRAM (organ) and an LRAM (piano) and there also studied Harpsichord with Virginia Black.
    Carol was awarded all the major prizes for organ performance and, during her studies she became a Fellow of the Royal College of Organists; a Fellow of Trinity College London; and an Associate of the Royal College of Music. Carol commuted from the UK for a year to continue special studies with the Organist at the Church of St. Sulpice, Paris, Daniel Roth.
    Moving to the United States she undertook postgraduate study at Yale University under the direction of Professor Thomas Murray and was awarded an Artist Diploma together with the Charles Ives prize for outstanding achievement.
    Carol undertook her Doctoral studies with Professor McNeil Robinson at the Manhattan School of Music and received the Helen Cohn award for her D.M.A. degree in 2001.

    Carol was appointed the “first woman in the world” to hold the title of “Civic Organist” and is the “first woman to hold the title Civic Organist Emerita” as San Diego Civic Organist from 2001-2017. 
    Carol's travels the globe to numerous popular pipe organ venues in the USA as well as in England, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Monaco, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, South Korea, China and Russia, so far.
    Carol throws out a wide net to entice new audiences to the concert pipe organ. She is known for her collaborations with various Classical, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Rock bands and leading orchestras including the BBC Concert Orchestra, San Diego Symphony Orchestra and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra and is seeking new collaborations all the time.
    As a featured musician on many Blogs, PodCasts, Radio Stations and TV News stories in America, the United Kingdom and around the world, she always highlights her profound love of “The King of Instruments”.
    In the United Kingdom, Dr. Williams has been elected an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM) in recognition of her contribution to music.
    Performing for many special occasions such as for Princes Diana, the Virgil Fox Memorial Concert and the 10th anniversary concert of the Walt Disney Concert Hall Organ, Carol is always seeking new venues to enlighten audiences.
Notable Past Church Affiliations:
Chapel Organist, Yale University, New Haven, CT
Associate Organist at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Long Island's Garden City, NY
Artist in Residence at St. Paul’s Cathedral in San Diego, CA

- Concert Organist
- Composer   - Conductor
- San Diego Civic Organist Emerita
Randolph College Organist - Organ Professor
- Director of The Virginia International Organ Festival
- Host of the “TourBus” documentary series
(featuring the great & small, famous & unique pipe organs of the world, its music, people and places)
- Host of the YouTube series “On The Bench with Dr. Carol”
(interviewing musicians)
Carol donates many hours performing concerts for awareness and fund raising of various charities.
    Williams gives a new spin to the solo Classical Organ concert to include Theater, Jazz, Show, Pop, Rock, etc.
She can enhances her performances with the CWB (Carol Williams Band) with covers from the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.
Her programs are of vast diversity, elegance and a very special charismatic humor.
Carol’s performances are received with “rock star” enthusiasm.


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Management:   Kerry J. Bell
Web:   Tweet: @DrCarolWilliams   FaceBook: Dr. Carol Williams
P.O. Box 186, Amherst, VA 24521          619-540-6008

Copyright © 1985

Carol Williams
Concert Organist
Composer - Conductor
San Diego Civic Organist Emerita
Randolph College Organist - Organ Professor
Host of "TourBus" to the large & Small, Famous & Unique Pipe Organs of the World
Host of "On The Bench with Dr. Carol"
Artistic Director of The Virginia International Organ Festival