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"I have an extra ticket for a recital sponsored by the Windy City Organ Club at "Sanfilippo" on June 6. Do you want to go with me?" Dean Dennis Northway called to ask. Neither of us had heard of Carol Williams but, since we always enjoy going there, it seemed like a good idea-good, bad, or indifferent program. Little did we realize at the time what a great surprise lay in store for us!

Miss Williams, who I was told is in her mid-thirties but who appears to be much younger, proved herself to be a terrific organist, a real musician, and one of those rare performers who can switch from "classical" to "theatre" with consummate ease. Beginning with the recapitulation of the hokey-but-fun-to-play Festival Toccata by Percy Fletcher, she continued with some "theatre" selections, the Boellmann Toccata, more "theatre" selections, and then wrapped-up the program with a fire-breathing, clean-as-a-whistle performance-played at a reasonable tempo-of the "Wedding" Toccata by Widor. During her comments between the numbers, she established a wonderful rapport with the audience who responded enthusiastically to her exceptional playing and personality. We were very happy we went to her program.

The following Friday, Miss Williams played at Fourth Presbyterian, Chicago. Here she played a conveneional "classical" program which she interspersed with two selections from her "Sanfilippo' recital: The Maple Leaf Rag and the Washington Post March-both of which were enthusiastically received by the goodly-sized audience. (The rousing march sounded tremendous on the 4th Church organ.) Her performances of the Bossi ...tude and the Vierne Impromptu and Toccata in B-Flat Minor were characterized by exceptional virtuoso playing of the highest order! If you have a chance to hear this fine British-American organist, do so. You won't be disappointed I promise.

Text taken from the July/August newsletter "The Console Crier" produced by the Chicago chapter of the American Guild of Organists.