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Carol Williams Returns
to Blenheim Palace

Carol Williams has just enjoyed the privilege of making a commercial video at Blenheim Palace and this involved a brief tour of this historic venue plus the opportunity to play various instruments. The Long Library (183 ft!) displays, amongst much else, a late 19th century Steinway grand piano in immaculate condition and the 1891 four-manual organ by "Father" Willis which she played two years ago for a CD on the OS label.

Also included was the delightful and utterly original circa 1850 two-manual organ by Postill in the Palace chapel using the electricity supply in preference to the hand-pump which still functions!. The video, planned to be about one hour in length, is due to be completed by September and involves music on fascinating instruments at the home of His Grace The 11th Duke of Marlborough where the late Sir Winston Churchill was born.